One of the directions in which our workshop is developing is the manufacture of picture frames. Here you can find a frame of any style and for any interior, both modern and vintage. All frames are made of various types of wood, which is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly and degradable material, unlike plastic used in most cases.

You can choose a frame already ready and available in our catalog to evaluate the quality of our work, or you can place an order for the manufacture of your own frame according to the size you have chosen. We strongly recommend placing an order for the manufacture of a frame directly in our store, so that we can explain the subtleties and the process of work to you, as well as for a more accurate measurement and subsequent production of the picture frame. Manufacturing time ranges from 30 minutes to 2 days, depending on the size and complexity of the frame, the cost varies from $ 20 to $ 300. As an additional service, we can offer you to install your picture in a ready-made frame.

Shipping picture frames

Despite our advice to choose a ready-made frame directly from our store, you can also arrange for delivery. Delivery within New York is carried out by courier, the cost is $ 60. For other cities in the United States, delivery takes place through the postal service, the cost will start at $ 20. Also in our workshop there is a 10% discount on the subsequent purchase of a frame from our production. If you have any questions, write to our mail.

The quality of the picture frames and satisfied customers are the main criteria of our work. In our hectic and hectic world, people often do not have enough time, so we focus on the quick production of frames while maintaining a decent quality of work at a reasonable price. Save your time and choose the best frames in our workshop.