The history of the appearance of men’s bracelets dates back to antiquity. Initially, “strips” on the wrists were worn by warriors to protect these places from blows in battles, poisoned needles, which could be pricked by an ill-wisher during a handshake. Gradually, bracelets became a symbol of power and wealth. Today it is a stylish men’s accessory, which is designed to emphasize the good taste of its owner.

Valentine’s King Workshop presents you collections of men’s bracelets made of various high quality materials – leather, silver, lava stone and steel. There are bracelets for every taste. All series have a special meaning, that is displayed in the design and name of the bracelet. Even such a small accessory on the hand can have its own story, bracelets from Valentine King Workshop are like a special, unique picture on the hand that reflects the inner world of the owner.

The bracelets are designed and manufactured in New York. It is planned to produce women’s bracelets in the future. All bracelets come in luxurious packaging, so they make great gifts for various special occasions – Birthday gifts, Veterans Day, International Men’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year, Wedding Gift, Christmas.

Each bracelet is numbered and produced in a limited series – in total, 20 bracelets will be released in each collection, after which the release of these bracelets will end forever.