My name is Valentine King. I live in New York, Brooklyn. And I really love this city. Every day I admire its shades, tendencies, I live by its breath. Brooklyn is my source of inspiration because no city can be as diverse as it is. In each of my canvas paintings, I refer to New York to show all its sides. Here it is gloomy, dreary and gray, here its night lights flicker, and here from all angles you can see that this is really an economic and cultural center. This city is not perfect, but it is alive, it develops like a living organism, breathes and grows, and all my paintings are united by this common theme.

My path…

My path began with photography. Photos are wonderful portraits of the world, but they are rarely able to convey the depth, mood and idea of ​​what is portrayed. Gradually I moved on to canvas paintings. There is a whole canvas at hand here to convey the palette and life of the city. The canvas is updated every time and there are so many opportunities to show this beautiful city from a different perspective. Sad and pensive, wise and calm, bright and cheerful. Everyone sees Brooklyn differently, so abstraction is the perfect way for everyone to see for themselves in the bizarre forms of the paintings a new trait of New York’s character.

Despite my new hobby, photography has remained my hobby. My favorite camera helps me find new sources of inspiration and not forget about the real world. Nature, people, architecture, cities … The whole world is open to study and there is so much you can tell people about! Of course, I don’t forget about New York either.

I am ready to cooperate with interior designers and am always glad to new acquaintances and opportunities. You can familiarize yourself with the gallery, as well as my photos on our website or in our social networks: