Still life shooting

  We are surrounded by many, at first glance, simple, but very unusual things. Images of different subject compositions can have not only to a unique form, but can also reflect the world around us. Although the classic still life genre is gradually receding into the background,but photos taken in this genre may look really interesting.

  In addition, still lives photography teaches how to achieve compositional excellence in the frame and how to bright highlight those or other details in the picture. Themes of the genre are quite diverse - you can photograph literally everything from beverages to complex natural compositions. Let's try to understand what are the main features of still life photography.

  Still life is an independent genre in photo art, in which the photographer can directly work with the shooting of objects and elements of the surrounding world. Still life is not only the transfer of the beauty of an object, texture or surface shape. In this direction, the task is to create a certain unique image in order to attract attention and create an expressive picture. To resolve this condition, a variety of artistic techniques are used. The subjects themselves in the photos should be the same as we used to see them in everyday life.

  It must be remembered that still life can act as an integral part of a portrait or a composite picture. Moreover, sometimes compositional scenes can be even more concise narration about the character of a person, rather than the portrait of the hero. In modern photography, you can see a reportage shot in which the individual's inner world reveals the inner world of a person or even a whole historical epoch.

  Sometimes you might think that this genre is very easy and simple. In fact, this art can be called fundamental in the formation of an artist or a photographer. Since it is important here to correctly combine the subjects and make up the composition in the frame to create the most interesting pictures. The photographer should pay attention to the color and light design of the image, work out the composite solution of each image, think about how to properly emphasize the details.