Jewelry Photography

  Sometimes the photo is the only opportunity for a prospective buyer to visually assess an object before acquisition and most people are based on the first perception received from a printed or digital media. It is especially important to present the most accurate detailed information about the product when selling expensive bijouterie and jewelry.

  Jewelry shooting is impossible without expensive professional equipment, and first of all: a well-drawn macro lens, light (a sufficient number of sources and reflectors), cameras (medium format) and a studio equipped for this purpose. In order to get the perfect result, sometimes you have to expose the light for each face or stone separately, and already in the subsequent post processing, combine frames with the help of stacking. The main task in the work of the photographer is to make the precious stones "tune" with light and correctly convey the edges. Not every photographer can organize such, for such purposes there is a specialist jeweler photographer. The best solution is to turn to the professionals of their business.

  Studio advertising and subject photography Valentine King is engaged in photography of exclusive jewelry in New York, collections, watches, jewelry, precious stones, expensive jewelry and other expensive items.

  Ordering a photograph of jewelry, you will receive not just beautiful, but also selling photos.

  The cost is formed depending on the requirements for the terms of execution, the quality of the final product and their type.
  Examples of works of different subjects (from advertising to food photography), and jewelry can be viewed in this section of the site.
  To find out the cost in a particular case, send a technical brief (brief) or a verbal description to the e-mail specified in the contacts.