Shooting for online stores

  Hello, dear owners of online stores!
  My name is Valentine King, I am a professional subject photographer. I specialize not only in advertising photography, but I shoot goods for online stores and catalogs.
  I live and work in my favorite city of New York.

  I send the finished product, the photo in the finished form, i.е. in the required size and format, and, if necessary, with watermarks.
  In a short time (without compromising quality), you get clear, bright and selling pictures for your online store.
  For each product I will select the optimal camera angles to maximize the advantage of presenting the product, because this is the main task in this genre.

  Photos should be profitable and increase sales to my customers!

  At the same time, I use this approach in work, which allows you to save democratic prices and save your budget.

  Every potential buyer wants to see the goods, before buying it, and the task of the photographer is to present it in the best possible way.
  The subject photographer should emphasize the details that distinguish the goods from the goods of competitors. Therefore, in the subject photography everything is important - the correct brightness, color rendition, brightness, foreshortening. A person should develop an idea of its properties and qualities, according to the image alone. At the same time, each subject needs an individual approach.

  For whom is this necessary?
This service is required for the owners of sites and stores that fill out product catalogs. Such images usually have the following features:
• light gray or solid white background,
• Shadowless play of light,
• The minimum amount of retouching.

  Entrust the work on photography in New York studio photographer Valentine King.
  Remember that professional visual representation of objects is equated to their quality. Sales images in the online store - a contribution to future high sales.
  Call or write your request to e-mail, and we will definitely find an approach to your products.

  The most pleasant moment in work is when my client is satisfied, and then comes back again and again.