Food photography (food shooting)

  The main goal of modern photography is to make people crave the product, regardless of where the photo is placed: in advertising, in the cookbook, on the package of goods or in the restaurant menu.

  Depending on the complexity of the technical assignment, the shooting can be performed with the food stylist participation, and various special effects can be used as well: for example, creating artificial foam of different texture and shape during beer shooting or applying drops to a bottle, applying visual effects "live" or using retouching.

  To get a "delicious image", the food photographer works with a light scheme highlighting the main thing. Work together with a food stylist leads to the maximum result, because, he works with the product, and the photographer draws light.

  Today, food-shooting is the main tool for culinary portals and magazines in the struggle for their readers. Many readers love to cook, they want to create dishes according to new recipes, they are interested in new information related to culinary arts. Digital and print media, offering a variety of food photos, are always popular and enjoy a steady demand. Even in regular supermarkets, marketers recommend using this direction to raise profits.

  Food shooting in Valentine King's studio is the best way to make really good selling photos.

  Also, professional food photography is necessary for cafes and restaurants to enhance the attractiveness of images in the menu. Such images are a great way to attract a potential client, and also quickly and colorfully introduce the assortment. One beautiful photo will be better than a thousand words in the description. A beautiful menu is a kind of business card of the institution. In connection with these facts the creation of such a menu requires the participation of a professional photographer.

  Shooting is possible in the studio, as well as outside (with a visit to the customer).
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