Drinks shooting (Drinks photography)

  Hello, dear visitors of my website!
  My name is Valentine King, I'm a professional photographer. I specialize not only in advertising photography, but I take drinks and food photographer.
  I live and work in New York.
   A beautiful photograph of the drink, reflecting all the shades of taste, prompts the desire to taste it. This is the basis for professional photography for such institutions as a cafe, a restaurant, a shop, a website, a catalog and a magazine. Coupled with a bright and catchy name, this approach attracts potential customers, because it is known that the food is first visually "tasted" by the eyes and then the appetite is warmed up by the need to try more hidden delicacies. This is the goal that a professional food photographer sets himself when he takes pictures of juice, tea, cocktail, wine, beer, coffee, cognacs, even ordinary clean water. It must be understood that to make drinks photos it is necessary to have solid knowledge of the art of composition as the correct setting of light and the surrounding situation is important here. Observance of the fundamental rules guarantees a final qualitative result.

  Need to get a "tasty" drinks photo? In this case, you can use the services of my studio. A professional approach to its completion will lead to the final result, that can enrapture any client. We offer clients a different approach to placing an order, from drafting a brief (technical assignment) to verbal description of the required result. To do this, you must call or contact by e-mail.

  The most pleasant moment in my work is when my client is satisfied, and then he comes back again and again.