What is advertising photography?

  Modern advertising photography includes a wide variety of genres, from subject to extreme photography.
  It has long been known that the way information about a product is presented in printed materials, the Internet and outdoor advertising has a strong effect on whether it will catch people's eyes, singling out tens and hundreds of other images and whether the consumer will decide to buy it. Therefore, many companies pay so much attention to advertising photography.
  With the development of technology, the importance of visualization in advertising has become truly impressive. People have stopped to delve into the information text, they simply do not have time for it. People want to see unusual, interesting images that so subconsciously sink into memory. Proceeding from this, it is required to be always aware of fashion trends and successfully build a company using bright and memorable images.
  If you have a vision of the concept of advertising photography (brief), then I'm ready to implement it with pleasure. If you need help developing an idea, then I will definitely help.
  In order to better understand where the trend is heading, look at my portfolio. But we must remember that this direction - a purely individual thing and the photo should not always coincide with your vision, because advertising should sell (be "delicious"), and do not answer the question - like or dislike.
  Stages of advertising photography:
• definition of the task and goal
• Drawing up a brief (terms of reference), which reflects the scenario, deadlines, venue, technical requirements of the final material for delivery
• the actual shooting process
• technical or artistic retouching
• getting a material ready for printing

  The cost is always individual and depends on the speed, complexity and volume of the task.
  In order to calculate the price simply call or leave a request for e-mail.