Hello, dear visitors of my website!
  My name is Valentine King, I'm a professional photographer.
  I live and work in my favorite city of New York.
  I dedicated my life to such an eternal art, as photo art.

  The main thing in modern photography is to highlight details, emphasize the main idea, emotions and leave a riddle of understatement for the viewer. Before starting a photo shoot, I prefer to develop a script and prepare everything necessary for shooting. I think it's important to be with the client on the same level of understanding to make such photos that sell!

I provide my services in the studio, which created specially for myself.
  I am engaged in photography in such genres as:
- advertising photography
- subject photography
- catalog shooting
- shooting for online stores
- photography of food and drinks

- jewelry photography

  A little bit about advertising photography ...

  More than 93% of all information a person receives visually, that is through the eyes. The conclusion is that a very important element of any advertising is visual perception. In its majority, the main part of visual perception is - the Internet, outdoor and print advertising.
  Modern advertising photography is the highest level of professionalism in photography. Advertising photography is inextricably linked with other its genres including them in themselves:
Shooting for catalogs;
Subject photography;
Interior photography;
Jewelry shooting;
Political portrait;
Business portrait;
  The main goal of advertising photography is to make somebody subconsciously to desire to buy this or that thing by means of demonstrating the pleasure of owning it. The image of the subject must be convincing and attractive, emphasizing luxury, portliness or taste qualities.