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Evolution of modern art

  Have you ever wonder how far the progress had gone? Last century people wrote checks, and today we can buy paintings and confirm their authenticity with an electronic seal.
  The most promising direction is digitization of a material entity into digital form with the entry of information on the blockchain. These works are reliably protected from counterfeiting or theft.


What is NFT Art?

  One modern digital artist Valentine King creates unique limited collections. They differ in subject matter and semantic content. Works exist in a single copy with proof of ownership by means of non-fungible token (NFT).
  Each collection consists of a certain set of works - blue, silver and gold. The number of works in the collection is indicated by the serial number of each of the works.
  The collection of works carries a certain story that the author wants to convey to the viewer.
  The most significant is the last work of the collection. This image answers the main question of the collection and carries the completion of the story.


What is NFT?

  So what is NFT? When you buy a painting, you get NFT - the right to own this artwork. If the painting is lost or destroyed, you can get exactly the same copy and with the same rights to it, and it will be equivalent to the original.


What's in the NFT Art collection?

For example, let's take a collection of 7 works.

  The first five are titled “Blue Works” and exist on the canvas. Each of the paintings has its own unique NFT.

Icons 3-3

  The sixth picture (penultimate) - "Silver work". It only exists as an NFT without being on the canvas.

Icons 3-2

  The seventh painting (final) - "The Golden Work". Exists on canvas, has NFT.

Icons 3-1


How can I purchase a work from the collection?

  “Blue Works” can only be purchased on canvas by purchasing from our NFT gallery or ordering by mail. You get one NFT for free with the painting.Icons 2-3

  “Silver Work” can only be purchased as an NFT. This painting does not exist on the canvas. It cannot be bought from our NFT gallery or ordered by mail.

Icons 2-2

  “Gold Work” can be purchased on canvas or as NFT. It is given away free of charge, sold by auction or by direct sale.Icons 2-1

Which NFT should I get?

  Blue NFT: by purchasing a work in our NFT gallery at 201 Richards St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, along with the painting you will receive an envelope painting for free, where the Seed code from an account on the OpenSea marketplace is indicated. The account has one token with your picture in the virtual world.
  You own and dispose of the token at your discretion (store, sell, donate, etc.), as a full-fledged buyer.
Icons 1-3

  Silver NFT: available on the OpenSea platform. Ownership and disposal is carried out according to the Blue Works principle.


Icons 1-2


  Gold NFT: By purchasing a painting on canvas, you get an envelope painting with NFT.

Icons 1-1